Energy Drinks – Real Energy Or Bad For Your Health?

There positive are loads of power drinks on the market now days. I went to the shop not too long ago and counted 17 completely different power drinks. And that is in all probability solely of fraction of the whole variety of power drinks available on the market right this moment.

And simply the sound of the names of those power drinks is sufficient to get up essentially the most torpid particular person: Venom, Amp, Crimson Bull, Full Throttle, Rush, Shark, Piranha, Fuse, Hype, Again Mamba, and Atomic X, simply to call a couple of.

There additionally appears to be loads of controversy lately in regards to the well being results of power drinks.

So, out of curiosity I not too long ago did some research on the components contained in these power drinks and their well being results.

Vitality Drink Components

The components contained within the completely different manufacturers of power drinks are many. The components frequent to most power drinks are taurine, glucuronolactone, inositol, B nutritional vitamins, caffeine, sugar, carbonated water, pure flavors, and pure components.

Taurine is a spinoff of the sulfer-containing amino acid cysteine. Taurine is usually present in toddler milk formulation. Taurine helps carry minerals resembling potassium, calcium, and magnesium all through the cells. This helps generate nerve impulses. It is usually an antioxidant and is believed to regular irregular heartbeats.

Glucuronolactone is a naturally occurring carbohydrate produced by the human metabolic system. It’s believed to enhance reminiscence and focus. It will possibly have stimulant and anti-depressant results.

Inositol is instrumental in how the mind makes use of serotonin, a chemical that’s the similar that’s boosted by the anti-depressant medication prozac and zoloft.

B nutritional vitamins are mandatory for a wide range of issues. Vitamin B-Three (niacin) metabolizes power from fats and carbohydrates and may also help the physique use power by releasing it from meals. Vitamin B-5 (pantothenic acid) improves temper and boosts power. Vitamin B-6 helps within the formation of pink blood cells, which offers higher oxygen utilization. Vitamin B-12 additionally helps within the formation of pink blood cells and helps break down sugar saved within the physique to make use of as power.

Pure components present in power drinks embody ginseng extract, L-carnitine, guarana extract, milk thistle extract, inexperienced tea extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, L-trosine, fruit juices, and citric acid. The quantity of those pure components varies amongst power drinks, and is often a proprietary mix.

One may do a Ph.D. dissertation on the components contained in power drinks. Due to time limitations, this text focuses on the components that obtain essentially the most consideration relating to well being results: caffeine and sugar.


Caffeine is a stimulate. The chemical identify for caffeine is 1,Three,7-trimethylxanthine. Caffeine is discovered in lots of merchandise (espresso, soda, chocolate, and many others.) together with power drinks.

Caffeine doesn’t present true power. It injects adrenaline into your system, which supplies you a brief enhance however results in a sense of fatigue after it wears off.

Caffeine will increase the physique’s stage of cortisol, a hormone launched into the physique throughout occasions of stress. Cortisol is sweet when wanted, however can have damaging results if excessive stress is regularly current. A few of these damaging results embody a suppressed immune system, impaired cognitive efficiency, hypertension, and a lower in bone density and muscle tissue. Elevated ranges of cortisol result in stronger cravings for fats and carbohydrates.

Caffeine additionally will increase the physique’s stage of dopamine, which acts just like an amphetamine. As with adrenaline, it makes you are feeling good after it will get into your system. However, as with adrenaline, after dopamine wears off, emotions of getting low power and even delicate despair take over.

As is well-known, caffeine inhibits the adsorption of adenosine, which is important for sleep.

Caffeine does have some advantages. A small quantity initially of the day can provide you good focus and focus. A small quantity earlier than train can truly improve bodily efficiency and endurance. It will possibly assist the physique break down fats roughly 30% extra effectively if taken earlier than train.

The standard power drink incorporates roughly 80 milligrams of caffeine per eight.four ounces. The typical cup of black espresso additionally incorporates 80 milligrams of caffeine.


Sugar that’s current in fruit is fructose; refined sugar (desk sugar) is sucrose.

When sucrose is taken into the physique, it’s damaged down into equal quantities of fructose and glucose.

Glucose is the sugar that the physique makes use of for each bodily and psychological power. Insulin from the pancreas permits the physique to burn glucose to provide power.

If there’s an excessive amount of glucose within the bloodstream for the physique to make use of as power, it’s transformed to glycogen and positioned in momentary storage. If the momentary storage capability is exceeded, the remaining glucose might be transformed to long run storage (fats).

Fructose is damaged down by the physique SLOWLY into glycogen, which is positioned into storage within the liver and muscle groups. When glucose ranges get low within the bloodstream, the liver can readily convert the saved glycogen into glucose. Insulin is then wanted to burn the glucose. The demand for insulin when it’s wanted to burn glucose is affordable.

Conversely, a giant dose of sucrose offered by sweet, soda pop, or cake, places a giant pressure on the pancreas, particularly on an empty abdomen. The pancreas has to supply loads of insulin FAST to stabilize the blood sugar stage introduced on by the sweet or cake.

If the pancreas does not present sufficient insulin to deal with a big inflow of sucrose, a diabetic situation exists. If the pancreas offers an excessive amount of insulin, a hypoglycemic situations exists. Blood sugar ranges both too excessive or too low could cause critical issues.

Fructose obtained by fruit is useful for diabetics as a result of it doesn’t place an enormous demand on the pancreas for insulin in a small period of time. The pancreas can deal with the insulin necessities imposed by fructose being transformed SLOWLY into glycogen then glucose.

Nonetheless, fructose does have a down facet to it.

Extra fructose that can not be utilized by the physique is well transformed into fats. Many consultants consider that fructose is the primary explanation for People getting fatter. Fructose in concentrated varieties (e.g. excessive fructose corn syrup) is very dangerous. Extra fructose also can elevate the extent of LDL ldl cholesterol (dangerous ldl cholesterol).

How About These Vitality Drinks?

Vitality drinks have certainly created fairly a stir, particularly relating to well being results. Even a couple of international locations (Denmark, Malaysia, and France) have banned the sale of Crimson Bull due to excessive caffeine ranges. I ponder what the caffeine content material is within the espresso bought in these international locations.

So far as producing power, power drinks do present a minimum of some power as a result of all of them have sugar and different power producing components. The “kick ” for which these drinks are well-known comes not from the power, however from the massive doses of caffeine offered by consuming not one, however a number of power drinks in a brief time frame. You’ll get the identical kick ingesting four or 5 cups of espresso.

An excessive amount of caffeine and an excessive amount of sugar consumed day after day over an extended time frame will improve the chance of some dangerous well being results. Frequent sense.

An excessive amount of caffeine will improve the chance of dependancy, which can trigger the stress hormone cortisol to be at all times current in your physique. An excessive amount of cortisol results in elevated possibilities for a suppressed immune system, hypertension, and fewer bone mass.

An excessive amount of refined sugar day after day and yr after yr will put a giant pressure in your pancreas, which may will increase your possibilities of getting diabetes. Your possibilities of getting fats are additionally a lot higher. The fatter you get, the extra of a pressure that places in your coronary heart.

I don’t assume power drinks are dangerous until you simply plain drink too a lot of them. I’d advocate utilizing them sparingly.

I like power drinks. I’m additionally involved about good well being. It appears the older I get, the extra I care about good well being.

Due to this fact, I’m just a little extra selective lately in relation to power drinks. I now search for power drinks which have little or no refined sugar. I search for one which tastes good and offers actual long-lasting power, the type of power that helps me focus and keep centered. I do not want a “kick” offered by stimulants.

I’ve discovered an power drink specifically that meets the above standards. It’s made from all pure components, one among which is the acai berry. It additionally incorporates different antioxidant-rich fruits, which additionally present the sugar. This power drink can be frivolously carbonated.

For detailed data on such an power drink, go to the CONTACT web page after clicking on the the next phrase: WHEN energy drink

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